Our code of business conduct

Advising through integrity

The Code of Business Conduct set forth the fundamental responsibilities of all those who represent DPZ & Partners. The Code describes the ethical and legal responsibilities all DPZ & Partners employees and managers are expected to uphold. It is a guide and a resource intended to help employees understand significant legal and ethical issues that frequently arise.


What the Code of Business Conduct Is Not

The Code of Business Conduct is not a comprehensive document intended to address every ethical issue that an employee might face, nor is it a summary of all laws and policies that apply to DPZ & Partners businesses. Most importantly, the Code of Business Conduct is not a substitute for good judgment, nor a restraint on the entrepreneurial initiative and imagination of DPZ & Partners employees and managers.


What the Code of Business Conduct Is

DPZ & Partners is made up of people who advice Shareholders, Entrepreneurs, C-level around the world. While each individual in the company is unique, all of us are working toward one common mission and vision by following a shared set of values: be authentic, respect others, open to change, act honestly, deliver on promises.We apply these values in our relationships with the many people who have a stake in how we conduct business. The Code of Business Conduct serves as a common sense reminder of the business responsibilities we share.


The Code of Business Conduct is Not Enough

One of the truest clichès heard around the world is that “actions speak louder than words.” Our Code of Business Conduct is effective when each of us at DPZ & Partners reads it, understands it and lives up to them. To aid in this, DPZ & Partners has established a business practices committee, made up of officers of the company, to establish appropriate ethical and legal standards and to oversee compliance with laws, regulations, the Code of Business Conduct and related policies and procedures. DPZ & Partners also has designated a business practices officer responsible for overseeing the day to day implementation of, and compliance with, DPZ & Partners’ ethical standards, including communications, training and assessment.

Business practices committees and officers have also been established in different areas of the company around the world.


The Code of Business Conduct is Global

The Code of Business Conduct applies to all employees and managers worldwide and to the members of the board of directors when they are acting on behalf of DPZ & Partners. Employees cannot use a contractor, agent, consultant, broker, distributor or other third party to perform any act prohibited by law or by DPZ & Partners. If compliance with the Code appears to conflict with local law, employees should discuss their concerns with the law department.


Names in the Code of Business Conduct

All references to DPZ & Partners in this document also refer to DPZ & Partners’ businesses and units worldwide, as well as joint ventures where DPZ & Partners has management responsibility. References to functions like law or human resources, or titles like the CEO refer to those functions by business unit, unless otherwise specified.